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woman sitting in a yoga pose at sunrise

Breathing, it helped me in my time of need!

Most of us have heard that deep breathing is good for us. It was after I had a major car accident that I personally saw the importance of deep breathing. Getting into a vehicle after my accident caused a lot of anxiety. Breathing was something that was easy to do. All I had to do was focus on breathing deeply. It decreased the anxiety enough that I would be able to get into a car and drive. I also realized that the more breathing is practiced the more effective it is.

There are many different types of breathing techniques. Yoga teaches several different types. I have found that when people get anxious, the less thinking they have to do the better. So, if you already have a type if breathing you do, great, keep practicing it. If not. Simply focusing on a long breath out, can be a simple technique that is not complicated. When people get anxious, their muscles tighten, even the muscles around the lungs. This is one of the reasons many people that suffer with anxiety have difficulty breathing. It is also why practicing the deep breathing with a long exhale brings a feeling of relaxation, because the lung muscles relax on the out breath. Then if you combine the deep breath with concentrating on relaxing your muscles, you can deepen you experience of the relaxed state.

So take some deep breaths and start experiencing the benefit of something so simple that can be done anywhere, and no one even needs to know that you are doing it.

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