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From Good Intentions to Success!!

From Good Intentions to Success!

Most of us have good intentions. We make a long list of goals with the intention of following through with them and we do not. Why is that?

When we have a recurring pattern in an area that we are wanting to change and don’t, that is the time to get help from someone else. Have you noticed that when people get in better shape, they frequently have hired a personal trainer who assists them with consistent forward progress, beyond what they were doing on their own because on their own they gave up.

A coach empowers consistent forward momentum. Why is that?

The simple answer is when working with a coach you are not alone. The more complex answer is that you have someone  who is interested and committed to empowering you to accomplish your desired goals and have successes. The other part of the answer is the word we have all heard “Accountability”. A Lifestyle Coach wants you to succeed. Others in our lives don’t always want this. Also, others in our lives might desire a different outcome than the one we desire. A Lifestyle Coach encourages and empowers you to follow through on what you are wanting, what is important to you! Being accountable helps one  follow through which leads to feeling better about oneself and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

People often don’t show up in their own lives without help. It can be done. It is easier when one is part of a team. It is easier when having a coach who wants what you want. A coach encourages self-discovery and empowers you to find the strategies and solutions that are right for you!

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